Our Virtual Book Club

We all know how important reading for pleasure is for our pupils, and at GHF Teaching School we think the same applies to our staff and colleagues. 

Our Virtual Book Club is a place to share what we're reading, why we're reading it and how you can use it to inform your own practice. It's a place to find research that, like us, you can use to underpin your everyday practice and keep your pedagogy up-to-date.



Gender Equality

This text provides food for thought for anyone who interacts with children; as a teacher, a parent, a play leader, anyone.

The author encourages us to think about the subconscious ways in which we can reinforce gender stereotypes in both boys and girls and offers ideas to help tackle this.

It's powerful stuff, and we loved it.


Women in Leadership

Inspiring women to be bold and brave in their ambitions to change the world through leadership, and to redress the balance between the number of men and women in education leadership roles. You'll be left feeling empowered and inspired to make a change after reading this.

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Greek Myths

A really enjoyable read for teacher. This is a retelling of some well-known Greek myths, with a modern twist. It's clever, and an all round great read. 



You cannot fail to be inspired and excited by this book. It encourages the reader to take time to explore the world around them; to look more closely at things and notice the beauty, possibilities and details around them. It's a great one for getting those creative juices flowing.


Gender Inequality

This is an complete eye-opener for both women and men. Only when you start to look at and consider the world around us more closely to you realise how much of it is alligned to a male-dominated stance. This is unconscious bias laid bare.

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A powerful insight into the way love and affection shape a baby's brain. This is information about our journey through social and emotional development at its best.


Understanding Behaviour

Despite the title, you don't need to be a parent or carer to appreciate the value of the advice in this book. We think that it is both an incredibly insightful and helpful read for anyone who spends time with children; whether as a parent or educator. It provides the explanations we all need to help us understand the behaviour of children to support them in the best way we can.



As teachers it's particularly essential we're informed about the inequalities in physical and mental health, education, poverty, crime and beyond that exist purely on the basis of ethnicity, if we're to avoid sleepwalking into being a part of the system that creates them. Reni makes easy reading of a difficult, but necessary, topic. 



Recommended to us by one of our Year 6 children as part of their class book club. In her words 'It's for any young person who is finding their way in the world and is finding out who they are. Michelle Obama tells you her struggles and how she found who she is'. 


Raising Attainment

The 'Potential for Success' report by The Sutton Trust is about fulfilling the promise of potentially high attaining disadvantaged pupils. It looks at why these children often don't reach their potential, and uses case studies to look at how this can be changed. A must read for any teacher, primary or secondary.

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Positive Masculinity

This book by the brilliant Robert Webb is funny, sad, touching and relatable. It's everything you need in an autobiography, and more importantly it confronts many of the damaging gender stereotypes that exist aroung masculinity and what it is 'to be a man'.


Redressing the Balance

Adichie's response when asked by a friend how she could raise her daughter to be a feminist. A valuable read for teachers and parents alike. This book isn't just about modern feminism, it's about empowerment and strong female identities too.



Whatever you believe, whichever set of rules and principles you choose to live your life by, this book has something for everyone. At its very core is the concept of taking just a little more time to be present, think before we respond and pay attention to what's around us so that we can appreciate its value.


Early Maths

This book does exactly what it says on the tin...ideas for practical, fun, outdoorsy, messy maths for our youngest children. We think it's an absolute gem of a book and would recommend it to all teachers, parents and carers; there's something in this book for everyone.


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