Our current research and development projects

An exploration of curriculum continuity from the Foundation Stage to Key Stage One:extended transition throughout Year 1

This research study examines curriculum continuity from the Foundation Stage (FS) to Key Stage One (KS1). The transition from the FS to KS1 poses unique challenges to children and teachers as the curriculum shifts from a play-orientated one centered on how children learn, enabling environments and positive relationships to a goal-focused one. This study investigates whether the best transition takes place where greater curriculum continuity exists and play-based learning is built on in KS1, with the process of change taking place gradually. ​

It has recently been published in the Chartered College of Teaching's Impact journal, and you can read it here.

Raising attainment in Maths through times tables

This piece of research is part of the NPQSL programme and focuses on raising the attainment and confidence of pupils in Maths, in response to the new multiplication tables test children will be taking in Year 4 starting in the 2019-20 academic year.

Reading for pleasure in Key Stage 1

As part of the NPQML programme, this piece of research is being undertaken to explore the ways in which a buddy reading system can nurture and raise pupils' love for reading and subsequent reading engagement.

Raising standards in punctuation and grammar in Year 6

This research project is being undertaken as part of the NPQSL programme. Its focus is looking at raing standards in the practical use and applciation of puntuation and grammar in Year 6. It looks at doing this through an embedded foci in writing and cross-curriculr writing, accurate assessment and discrete lesson starters. 

Assessing the impact of reading intervention in Year 2

Another NPQML project which looks at evaluating reading intevention and teaching  strategies specifically aimed at children in Year 2. the research will look at pupil attainment in reading, pupil responses to reading and reading for pleasure.

A review of the teaching of phonics in the EYFS and throughout Key Stage One


This piece of research was conducted by one of our SLEs and looked at the way in which phonics was being taught across the Early Years foundation Stage, and how this was being built on during Key stage One.

The research included evaluating the impact of the various phonics teaching approaches that were being used; analysing end of EYFS data and looking at the relationship between this and Year 1 phonics testing outcomes; surveying staff CPD needs around the teaching of phonics.

An evaluation of primary school initiatives to implement and promote physical activity across the curriculum


We are currently working closely with Leeds Beckett University to look at the most effective ideas and strategies that can be employed to encourage pupils to be more physically active during the school day. This has so far included indoor and outdoor learning environment audits and collaboration with Lead Practitioners to implement recommendations across our alliance and in harmony with other curriculum expectations.

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