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Anica De Sa Pereira

About me...

I have worked at Gipsy Hill Federation for ten years now where I have taught at various primary schools, mainly in KS1 and lower KS2. During my time in the Federation I have been part of the team for 3 schools where, during Ofsted inspections, were moved from requires improvement category to Good and Outstanding.


Currently, I am a deputy head teacher at one of our primary schools where my roles in school have covered a wide range of areas and responsibility including curriculum development, teaching and learning and training for phonics, maths and year 1 transition. As an experiences KS1 leader, I have worked closely with EYFs and KS1 middle leaders in adapting our transition to encompass play based learning in Year One and to ensure transitions are smooth between the phases. 


I also work specifically with the Year One year leaders to ensure teaching and learning across the year group is of a high standard. Prior to this I worked as a year leader in KS1 and lower KS2 and lead year groups across 6 different schools. During my time leading in Year One as well as now, I continue to lead on phonics where our phonics results have increased across 6 schools. I have experience in delivering phonics training and maths training specific to KS1.

I have also been involved in the Gipsy Hill Federation’s bespoke NQT training by delivering training to newly qualified teachers who join our team. During my time at the Gipsy Hill Federation I have been a part of the maths curriculum faculty where we have worked on developing our maths curriculum, in particular, in KS1 where our focus has become maths mastery. Currently I am leading on maths mastery with the Year One team where we will roll this out into Year Two for the next academic year.

Kingswood Primary School (Upper Site)

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