Gipsy Hill Teaching School

Professional Development

Gipsy Hill Federation are a group of high-performing primary schools in South London, led by CEO Sir Craig Tunstall, National Leader of Education for over fourteen years. Our schools are characterised by sustained outstanding practice in challenging urban contexts. For more information about our schools visit:



Our central aim is to establish, evolve and effectively disseminate subject knowledge and key pedagogical principles for outstanding teaching and learning. 

What can we offer you?

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Our programmes are quite simply informed by what has worked for us and have been developed by teachers and leaders just like yours. We believe our offer and strategies will:

Work for your teachers, because they work for our diverse body of outstanding staff;

Work for your pupils, because they have helped all children achieve outstanding outcomes;

Work for your budget, because they have worked for us in the same financial climate;

Work for your school, because they have worked for our range of school settings;

What can you expect from our Professional Development?

Effective Professional Development: the PRINCIPLES

Great Professional Development leads to great pedagogy. Professional Development starts with the end in mind and challenges thinking as part of changing practice. It is based on assessment of individual and school needs and connects work-based learning and external stimulation. Our professional learning opportunities are varied, rich and sustainable and use action research and enquiry as key tools. They feature collaborative learning and joint practice development. By attending training with us you will be part of a professional learning community.

Effective Professional Development will establish

Principles for what outstanding practice looks like that can be communicated clearly to staff, without advocating a one-size-fits-all approach. Our principles draw upon the latest

Research academic thinking and pedagogical practice available. Sessions will include a summary of the latest thinking. We will emphasis the

Implications of that research: practical implications for children, parents and the communities we serve

Effective Professional Development will provide

New ideas which re-invigorate the practice of the teachers attending our sessions and provide something for every teacher to take away whichever their key stage or level of leadership experience.

Effective CPD will be

Collaborative providing opportunities to share, to discuss, to listen and to respond. To evolve ideas together.

Interactive. We work on the premise the participants should work harder than the facilitator! Participants should participate actively in as much of the session as possible.

Practical. The emphasis will be on ideas which busy teachers can realistically implement; ideas that have been found to be effective and will work in classrooms

Learner-driven. By this we mean that our primary focus will always be on the impact that any CPD will have on children’s learning in classrooms. Often, this will mean identifying support children might need to engage with particular teaching techniques and considering how to provide it.

Evaluated. We value all feedback from all participants so we can best meet their needs. Participants will be provided with reflection time to consider how learning gained can be

Shared with key colleagues back in their own setting.